Relationships within the Twelfth Night

This is a map of the characters and their relationships in Twelfth Night.

This is a relationship between the characters of Twelfth Night.

Sebastian is the twin borther of Viola.

Antonio is Sebastians friend

Orsin is madly in love with Olivia, but the feeling is not mutual.

Viola is madly in love with Orsino.

Cesario is the messenger for Orsion.

Orsino thinks that  Viola is a man (Cesario.)

Maria is the gentlewoman of Olivia.

Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are best friends

Fabian is Olivias servant

Maria likes Sir Toby as a friend

Feste is Olivias fool

Maria hates Malvolio

Malvolio is the steward of Olivia

Olivia is Sir Toby’s niece

Sir Andrew is the suitor countess to Olivia

Valentine is the courtier of Orsino